Here’s another from our dating tips series for a successful dating experience from FindDate.

FindDate dating tips - ask about their favourites

Dating tips : Ask about their favourites

So you meet your date from FindDate and decide to take a peaceful walk around a park, there comes a moment of  awkward silence; so what do you do next? You ask her “What does she do for fun?” She replied instantaneously that she liked ‘Mooing’.

It’s highly likely that you don’t know what it is, so don’t bother letting your imagination go crazy; just let go of your ego and sincerely ask her about it. Luckily, our guy here did just that and happened to love mimicking cows by shouting ‘Mooooo’ jus like his date.

When you go on a date, you should be ready for surprises like these. No one likes a person who doesn’t give time to listen about their interests. Be prepared to hear something which in your wildest imagination never thought would be possible. If what you hear is within your comfort zone do not hesitate to try that along with your date. If it genuinely interests you, there’s nothing better like sharing favourites with your partner.

Also incase if their favourite past time, doesn’t necessarily interest you; politely convey the same and may be they would respect your honesty. Don’t fake your interest with what they like either, it’s just a matter of time before your fake interest wear off. Be genuine, polite and expect the same to be returned.

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