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Dating tips - Make date plans where you'll feel comfortable - FindDate

It’s important to choose a place where you are comfortable.

So you’ve found someone on FindDate, whom you think could be the love of your life; So what do you do next? Asking them out obviously. That’s exactly what our guy above did, but what he didn’t do properly was to choose the right place. He thought it would be cool to ask for a date in a hot air balloon up in the sky.

Sound’s romantic right? Well it sure does, but except his latent fear of heights kicked in when he was high up in the sky with his date. His shivering was not subtle and lucky for him our girl didn’t have acrophobia; she made sure that they both returned to the ground safely.

What’s the moral of the story

Don’t take your date on hot air balloon? No. Meet your date in a place where you are most comfortable and also ensure your date feels the same. Even minute hinderances takes away the joy of dating. It’s best to choose a place where at-least one of you are familiar with it.

In case you both decide to meet at a new place, make sure you recce the place once before you actually meet the date. Say, if it’s a new restaurant; selecting the best spot for your date would definitely add more brownie points to you. As suggested in our previous post on first impressions for dating, make sure you reach your spot on time.

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