Frequently Asked Questions


What is FindDate?
FindDate is the fastest and safest way to find a Date !
Why FindDate is the fastest?

FindDate is a state of the art conversational app powered by platform. There’s no need to download any application, FindDate runs inside Messenger, Viber, LINE, Telegram and finds you a date at blazing fast speed.

Why FindDate is the safest?

FindDate just shows your profile picture and nothing else to the other user. You can reveal your other details to a Date only through a message by yourself. Refer to our safety guidelines for more information on how you can use FindDate safely.

How to use FindDate?
Using FindDate is very simple.
1. Search for FindDate in Facebook or Messenger.
2. Click message (or) click FindDate icon respectively.
3. Agree to the Terms of Use.
4. Click ‘NEW DATE’ to see different profiles.
5. Click ‘LIKE’ on the profiles you like.
6. You can message to the profile once they have liked back your profile by clicking ‘MESSAGE’.
How to message multiple dates?

On Messenger & LINE; you can message seamlessly by clicking Message/Reply to the concerned date.

On Viber & Telegram; you need to finish sending a message to the date and then click ‘Show Messages’ to retrieve the new message/reply. This is a limitation of Viber, Telegram rather FindDate.

What is the philosophy of FindDate ?

Eager to know the philosophy of FindDate ? Read it here –

I selected my gender (or) preferred gender in a hurry and I would like to change it?

Not to worry, just type ‘gender’ and select the required option.

People say that they cannot see my face in the profile photo?

Your profile photo is from your Facebook (or) Viber (or) LINE (or) Telegram profile picture i.e the platform you are using for FindDate, update your photo in the respective platform as mentioned in this guide and set the thumbnail properly to show your face.

I do not see someone from my area?

Click ‘Match Date’ and send your location via ‘Send Location’. You need to use FindDate via Messenger Mobile app to use this feature.

What is FindDate credits?

In order to provide consistent quality for thousands of users using FindDate, we have introduced FindDate credits. You will be given 20 FindDate credits when referring FindDate to someone and they login. How FindDate credits can be used will be announced on a later date.

How can I block a user from messaging me?

Very simple, do not respond to their ‘LIKE’ or ‘MESSAGE’. A user can communicate with you only when you communicate with them.

How to send my feedback?

We would love to get your feedback, please contact us by typing ‘contact’ and following the instructions inside FindDate.

Note: Please Don’t use the ‘Send feedback’ from ‘MANAGE’ section in Messenger. We will not be able to get back to you as we don’t get your user name from that option.

FindDate is awesome !

We know! right? You can make it more awesome by rating & reviewing FindDate to bring more dates to FindDate.

Click ‘Rating & Feedback’ to rate and review FindDate, please make sure you complete the rating procedure.

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I have been blocked from FindDate !

We at FindDate, take security of our users very seriously. Part of it is to ensure that the users use their original profile for FindDate. In case we detect that an user is using fake profile, they will be informed repeatedly. Users are requested to abide by the Terms of use which they agreed upon before using FindDate. If the warnings go unheeded, then the user will be blocked from FindDate. Please ensure that you use your original profile with original profile picture for FindDate.

I want to deactivate my profile from FindDate?

We would never want to see you leave, if any concern try to contact us by typing ‘contact’ and follow the instructions in FindDate. FindDate team will help to resolve your concern.

You can deactivate your profile by clicking ‘Deactivate Account‘ in ‘Profile‘ settings.


Type any of the following keywords Stop, Unsubscribe, Delete, Block, RemoveDeactivate and follow the instructions.

Note: Please Don’t use the ‘Send feedback’ from ‘MANAGE’ section in Messenger. We will not be able to get back to you with that option or delete your account as we don’t get your user name from that option.