FindDate No Name or Location

Users of FindDate know that privacy and security of its users are of utmost importance to us and hence one of the prominent ways in which we enforce it , is by not sharing user’s name, location or any other personal details with other users without compromising on the dating experience.

FindDate users can like a user’s profile and when liked back they will be able to message each other. While messaging, the user can decide to share their personal details with the other user if they would like to. Similarly a FindDate user can enter their location to find dates near by their location, but their location is not shared with other users. FindDate’s matching protocols ensures that nearest dates are always shown first without explicitly showing the user’s location.

Though profile picture is the first class citizen in FindDate, FindDate is an open medium to express oneself without any prejudices. Read more about FindDate’s philosophy here. Since FindDate helps protect user’s privacy and security, users from around the world connect via FindDate to meet and mingle without any apprehensions.

Not showing name or location, helps eliminate harassment or spam prevalent in the other dating platforms. So users are encouraged to share their personal details with a date only when they are confident about their safety in doing so. Read more about safety from our safety guidelines here.

Apart from not sharing any personal details of the users with anyone, our half-duplex messaging mode i.e an user has to wait to message till they receive reply for their earlier message; helps prevent spam and harassment further.

Now you know why FindDate is  the fastest and safest way to find a Date! on your favorite chat apps like Messenger, Viber, LINE and Telegram. If you aren’t using FindDate now, what reason do you have for not trying?