Yes, FindDate provides you with the fastest and safest dating experience; but have you wondered what is the philosophy behind FindDate? you’ll get your answers here.

We at FindDate believe that the world without borders is the basis for peace and equality. Only way to truly upheld what we believe in is to integrate it into core of the technology powering FindDate.

Unlike most other dating platforms FindDate doesn’t make it mandatory to disclose Origin, Gender, Race or Age; users are free to choose their match with those parameters if they like, but we’ve seen when given a seamless intuitive way to find a date across boundaries people are eager to meet a date regardless of above factors.

Hence FindDate is interracial by default, even though locating people nearby is just a click away; when other dating apps tries to lock the users to their locality. We cannot address racism, by hiding races. We need to give a chance to the people to mingle with people of different races to show that they are equal & similarly we cannot address body shaming, by hiding people of different body sizes.

Providing an equal, fast, safe platform for dating is our philosophy at FindDate and read on to learn how we have made it a reality.


FindDate’s philosophy in the user interface

FindDate is a chat app network dating platform, since it functions inside existing chat apps like Messenger, Viber, LINE, Telegram; there’s no separate learning curve involved for the users to adapt to FindDate. An user from Messenger can date with an user from Viber and vice versa with all other platforms; FindDate is a true cross-platform-chat-app-network dating platform.

Finding a date is as easy as messaging using your favourite chat app. Users can interact with FindDate using conversations. FindDate users start to see profiles from around the world within few seconds of entering the platform. Seeing a profile from the user’s locality is still just a click or message away !

Users who provide their location via ‘NEAR DATE’, would see users who are located near them in priority each time they click ‘NEW DATE’. When there are no profiles of their match located nearby, they will continue to see profiles from around the world.


FindDate’s philosophy in the user experience

Since FindDate works across multitude of famous chat apps seamlessly, an user can choose their favourite chat app to access Finddate instead of downloading separate app for dating purposes. FindDate’s chat-app network is purpose built to serve the needs of  users from across the globe. In certain regions Messenger is widely used and in certain regions Telegram; irrespective of what chat app our user uses – we’ve worked hard to bring a seamless user experience.

Users needn’t fill in long registration forms to create their dating profiles, in-fact there’s no registration in FindDate. User’s dating profile is ready the moment they enter FindDate, as in FindDate all they require is just their profile image and it’s automatically retrieved when they enter FindDate provided the user allows it.

The user can ‘LIKE’ the profile they see and if they get liked back, both users can message each other. The messaging is in half-duplex mode i.e the user has to get a ‘REPLY’ for earlier ‘MESSAGE’ in-order to message again. This is done to prevent spamming and to provide superior control to the user on whom they wish to continue communicating.



You now know the philosophy powering the FindDate platform, thousands of users enjoying FindDate as you are reading this is itself a testament of users believing in it. Behind the easy, seamless dating experience of FindDate; lies a state of the art sophisticated elaborate chat-app network to serve our users irrespective of their dating preferences.